Why MCAT Institute?

glassThe MCAT is a uniquely peculiar exam. While it tests content, it does so in a specific, often counter-intuitive way, and the passage-based format of the MCAT often renders "normal" studying techniques inefffective. There is a specific psychology to the MCAT, and the experts at The MCAT Institute will teach you how to conquer the MCAT.

MCAT questions range from simple content questions to highly-complex, multivariable, passage-based ones that require a lot of thought, but usually not the approach that you may have been taught in college. That is where the MCAT Institute comes in–our tutors have excelled on the MCAT, and, more importantly, are able to effectively communicate and teach the most important principles for high-performance on the MCAT.



The MCAT Institute has helped students with all kinds of starting scores on their MCAT's. Some students have to come to with scores as low as 480 (total MCAT score), and some students have to come to us with scores as high as 517, seeking improvement to scores above 520.

Put it this way: we've seen it all. There is nothing that will shock or surprise us, so you can open and honest with us when it comes to your MCAT score.


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