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The following is a list of actual quotes from former or present MCAT Institute students:

"I just don't get it (the MCAT)"

"I have a 4.0 GPA, but I can't get above a 494 on the MCAT"

"I have gotten 128's on the biological sciences and physical sciences portions of the MCAT, but I can't get above an 120 on the Verbal."

                                             "I have straight 118's on the MCAT"


"I don't even know where to begin. Before I came to The MCAT Institute, I was lost. Let's just say that my MCAT scores were in the high teens, with a verbal score of 4. 

Within the first hour of my tutoring session with one of the MCAT Institute's tutors (my tutor was Vijay), the tense band of anxiety that had been wrapped …..around my chest…Vijay explained to me the basic psychology of the MCAT, that I was not alone in not being able to understand how to take the MCAT, and that he could help. He then laid out a plan and curriculum that put me at ease.
Ultimately, after just 33 hours of tutoring my score, I was able to hit a score of 30 on the MCAT. MCAT Institute, I can't thank you enough."


"I am very pleased with my tutor's tutoring tactics and approaches. He was especially helpful for a student like me, who took the MCAT on my own the first time and was in need of direction for my second attempt. My tutor is very flexible with the times he is able to meet and did his very best to accommodate my schedule. I was worried an hour a day would not be enough, but he was able to help me make a plan on what I should be working on during the hours we did not meet. One of the hardest things to master is the psychology of the MCAT, and my tutor understands it exceptionally well. He was able to convey certain conceptional ideas to me that I was previously unable to grasp. He helped me become aware of when the MCAT was trying to trick me, as well as helped me improve my self-confidence in knowing the right answer choices to choose.

My tutor knows all of the content material backwards and forwards and is very talented in teaching these concepts to the average student, who may not understand these concepts the first few times. He regularly would use real-world scenarios to help me understand concepts in physics and chemistry, which then immediately stuck with me and improved my physical sciences score while practicing. My tutor takes diligent notes on his students each week, and designs study plans based on an individual basis. For example, verbal was my stronger point, so we decided to focus more on physics and biology content, while giving me material to practice verbal passages on my own time. My tutor helped me learn to trust my gut in choosing answer choices and taught me to not second guess myself, which in turn led to me answering more questions correctly. One of the most helpful things I did with my tutor was the extensive content review, where he would ask me questions and quickly switching from subject to subject in order to keep me on my toes and targeting all aspects of my memory.

I thoroughly enjoyed being tutored by The MCAT Institutte and I would recommend them to any person hoping to improve their MCAT scores."


Many more testimonials available upon request.


(names have been changed). Notice the customized nature of the advice–there is no such thing as 'canned' or 'cookie cutter' advice at the MCAT Institute.

"Hi Joe,
I have attached a set of over 100 questions for your preparation for the Verbal Section of the MCAT. These questions are absolutely golden for MCAT verbal prep.

The main advantage of the attached set of questions is that they progress in a step-wise fashion in terms of difficulty (kind of like MCAT Institute's "Vocabulary Advantage" which we discussed during our last session where you learned easier words first, and then you learned harder words), which makes it perfect for MCAT "training."

I was re-thinking slightly the strategy that we discussed last night, based on your performance during the last 3 sessions, in the following way:

It might be better for you to go through the attached set of verbal questions first (in 3 separate one-hour sittings), and then go over the questions in detail, just like I did with you on the MCAT Verbal last week, and THEN start taking the AAMC practice tests, starting with practice test 3, then take practice test 10, then 7, and save test 11 for the end (since it is most like the real MCAT).

If you have finalized a date for taking the real MCAT, then I can create a specific schedule for taking the AAMC practice tests. The usual mistake that students make is to take the AAMC practice tests in rapid succession before the real MCAT, and their scores usually tend to go down sequentially, and then the student gets freaked out, and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of getting-a-lower-score-than desired on the real MCAT. The key is to treat the first 3 or 4 practice AAMC tests as opportunities for pure learning and training, and spent a LOT of time going over each test, extracting every nuance from each question, being very focused and observant for the trademark MCAT Testmaker counter-intuitive and contrarian psychological mindset, learning from that, and then moving on each subsequent test. In between tests, it is important to go over any and all concepts that you may have ANY confusion about, no matter how little or large. If confusion isn't cleared up in the beginning of this process, then taking additional AAMC tests is not a useful or helpful process.

It is important to (mentally and psychologically) to treat each AAMC practice test mainly as training, not as a 'real test,' at least for the first 3 or 4 practice tests. Then, once you start getting a hang of the psychology of the MCAT questions, you can seriously start taking the rest of the practice tests, this time as representative of what you will get on the real MCAT.

The average of the scores that you get on the last 3 AAMC practice tests that will be fairly representative of the score that you can expect to get on the real MCAT."


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